Get clarity and direction with eussen Get clarity and direction with eussen

business development with eussen

eussen provides professional advice and targeted promotions services in a range of areas including:

  • Keynote speaking and presenting that aims to promote awareness of targeted lifestyle, social and business concepts within the industry
  • Implementing targeted media coverage through a mix of advertising, creative networking and editorial concepts
  • Providing key trend and lifestyle reports and implementing modern busienss adaptations to reflect international or seasonal trends
  • Boosting promotional development including creating orginal marketing material and indentifying new promotional opportunities
  • Performing marketing audits, including strategic brand management controls
  • Coordinating and managing events such as trade shows, client and consumer presentations, or new product launches
  • Conducting industry-specific training via a range of effective teaching mediums
  • Capitalising on word-of-mouth training opportunities to generate earned media exposure
  • Identifying and developing complementary business networks to ensure brand longevity and expand market reach
  • Building trade networks for like-minded organisations on a domestic and international basis

With a special focus on marketing, media and creative networking within niche industries, eussen provides a highly personal, highly specialised point of contact for all businesses.  Whether it's building consumer awareness about a new design concept, promoting a new lifestyle or fitness product or coordinating an entire industry-wide event, eussen delivers proven results that are targeted, supported and ongoing.  In fact, you'll probably wonder how you managed without it.

John Eussen John Eussen

introducing john eussen

The eussen company is the brainchild of management and promotions expert John Eussen, providing a range of high-profile business and networking services within the interiors, health and lifestyle industries.

Drawing on more than 25 years of corporate management, as well as a highly trained eye for emerging lifestyle and design trends, sustainable living solutions and health developments, John Eussen offers a gamut of marketing, media and creative networking functions.