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As today’s lifestyle is deemed “Time Poor” the eussen corporate lifestyle program aims to deliver a balanced approach to achieving work life balance for the employee whilst driving increased productivity, staff morale and employee retention for the employer.


It is not about the hours that employees work, it is how productive they are.  As technology continues to advance, global influences become stronger.  The workplace is becoming more competitive.

It is important to stay at the “top of the game” both for the employee and the employer.

Being healthy, staying fit and managing stress are key elements to being productive and living longer.  The prevention of illness and disease is a much less costly exercise than having to treat it.

changing behaviours through education is paramount

The eussen corporate lifestyle package offers firsthand experience to achieving workplace autonomy, work life balance that is individualised to personal needs and overall insight to wellbeing.

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"I use a range of techniques through our proven process to build credibility and promote a healthy and sophisticated working environment for any industry and apply this to a range of products for executives to use in their workplace.  The result is a working environment for your business that promotes healthy living by improving morale, wellbeing and productivity."